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COVID Friendly Scenic Boat & Whale Watching Tours

COVID safety measures don’t need to slow down your summer. Enjoy high speed thrills and spectacular sightseeing right in the State of Maine—safely.

Precuations to the coronavirus have put many traditional summertime activities on hold for many of us, from air travel to sleepaway camps to baseball games and trips to movie theaters or restaurants.

If your family has started to feel a little bit stir-crazy lately, we have a great suggestion: New England lighthouse tours, Kennebunk boat tours, and Maine whale watching trips with New England EcoAdventures! You can speed across the waves to see spectacular scenery and wildlife while taking all necessary COVID safety measures in complete comfort.

As we learn more about COVID safety measures two things have become very clear: outdoor activities are safest, and so is spreading out and maintaining our social distance as much as possible. Our Kennebunk whale watching excursions and Kennebunk boat tours are limited to 14 guests or less and we seat everyone outside, on deck, in their own personal POD seat. No crowded rails or benches or jostling against strangers to take pictures or take it all in.

Speed Boat Tour - Hampton Beach, New HampshireOn our premium RIB boats, every single seat provides panoramic, 360-degree views in completely cushioned, socially distanced comfort. And our teams have stepped up our cleaning and sanitation to extraordinary levels to make sure each and every one of those private seats meets the CDC-recommended and state-mandated COVID safety standards.


Not ready to expand your family’s COVID safety pod? Our super-safe charter group private tours let you reserve the entire trip for your trusted social circle. Our New England boat tours appeal to all ages and are fun and engaging ways to gather your family safely and celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or simply spend quality time together.


Our skillful, knowledgeable captains point out all points of interest during whale watching adventures and New England boat tours and provide informative and lively insights into ocean life like dolphins, porpoises, seals, and seabirds, while our New England lighthouse tours also include fascinating historical facts.


We have all been staying in one place for COVID safety. Our Kennebunk boat tour thrill rides take your family across the sparkling waves faster than they thought possible. Our premium RIB boats aren’t just built for luxury, safety, and comfort. They are also built for speed. Accelerating across the water is a adrenaline-fueled way to clear out everyone’s cabin fever in complete safety.

While coronavirus safety precautions may have closed down some summer attractions, they have also opened up new and unexpected opportunities for locals and summer guests. If summer crowds have kept you from enjoying the Maine coast in the past, now is the time to rediscover sea breezes, storied lighthouses, mighty whales, and postcard-perfect villages.

Nothing says summer fun like the Maine coast, and there is no better way to see the Maine waterfront than in a premium New England EcoAdventures boat. Book your family’s spectacular summer staycation today!


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