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At New England Eco Adventures, we believe that besides providing a great experience for our guests we owe it to our community to give back. We believe that through Charity, Education, and Community Outreach Programs we will achieve a sustainable industry that enriches the seacoast.

For every ticket we sell to our Goat Island Lighthouse Tour we donate seven dollars to the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. This ensures that our seacoast treasures are protected for future generations. Along with KCT, we select a few other oceans sustaining charities to donate to each year.

We also believe that time goes just as far money when it comes to charities. That’s why we’re proud to spend a week a year involved in island cleanups or something similar.

Along with being a member of the local Chamber of Commerce (KK&A), New England EcoAdventures is proud to give back to the immediate area. From Little League Sponsorships to organizing free boat rides for the area’s youth, New England EcoAdventures understands the importance of Community.

Adventure Seal Watch in Kennebunkport, Maine
Maine whale watch with New England EcoAdventures in Kennebunkport, ME