Leave the crowds behind and jump aboard New England EcoAdventure’s small, first-class, intimate excursions that blend adventure and education into one amazing trip. From our top notch customer service to our custom RIB boat we provide you with a true first-class experience. We realize that customers want and deserve quality and that your time is of the utmost importance. With New England EcoAdventure tours you’ll get an action packed adventure and still be back in time for lunch and an afternoon on the beach.

Using a RIB boat provides many advantages when used as an excursion boat. Every seat is a front row seat with 360 degree views. It provides an intimate platform that provides face to face expert narration. The boat can get to remote areas with more wildlife that others can’t and can get there faster. RIB boats are Eco-Friendly, they provide the least amount of Environmental impact on the animals and the environment.






– Our Mission

To provide first-class, intimate, eco-friendly adventure tours that combine excitement and education into a unique tour experience.


At New England EcoAdventures we pride ourselves on our first-class excursions along with our first-class customer service. We understand that your time and money is hard earned and we don’t want to waste any of it. Our boat and our trips are designed to give you a premium experience without the downtime. By limiting our number of guests to 14 we’ve taken out the “herd” mentality and “fight the crowd” fears. Each trip is an individualized adventure. 

We also understand that promoting sustainable eco-tours not only helps the environment but it promotes goodwill throughout the marine industry. Our RIB boat reduces the carbon footprint of tour boats, our 4-Stroke Yamaha engines are some of the most fuel efficient and eco-friendly ever built, we use a paper based water bottle designed by Just Water. Using a smaller boat doesn’t disturb the animals or their environments nearly as much as larger boats.

New England EcoAdventures is a locally owned and operated business where we personally care about your enjoyment and safety. We only hire the top Captains that are the friendliest and most knowledgeable in New England. They love what they do and look forward every day to sharing their enthusiasm for the local waters with you.