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To provide first-class, intimate, eco-friendly adventure tours that combine excitement and education into a unique tour experience.


About Us

I started New England EcoAdventures because I saw the tour industry becoming too commercial and knew that vacationers deserved a better experience. I’ve been on tours all over the United States and found that I enjoyed the smaller tours – tours that provide a unique and intimate adventure experience. I found that sharing a limited view with 200 people was no way to see the world. I wanted to see it all, talk to the captain, and be an active part of the full experience. New England EcoAdventures was created to fill this need. We provide value to our customers, treat them like best friends coming to visit, supply them with local knowledge, and reduce the footprint that mass tourism leaves behind. 

At New England EcoAdventures we pride ourselves on our first-class excursions and our first-class customer service. We understand that your time and money are hard-earned, and we don’t want to waste any of it. Our trips and our boats are designed to give you a premium experience. By limiting our number of guests to 14/21, we’ve removed the “herd” mentality and “fight the crowd” worries of the larger boats.  Each of our trips is an individualized adventure.

We also understand that promoting sustainable eco-tours not only helps the environment but also promotes goodwill throughout the marine industry. Our RIB boat reduces the carbon footprint of tour boats, and our 4-Stroke Yamaha engines are some of the most fuel-efficient and eco-friendly ever built. Using a smaller boat doesn’t disturb the animals or their environment nearly as much as larger boats.

New England Eco Adventures is a locally owned and operated business where we personally care about your enjoyment and safety. We hire only the top captains who are the friendliest, most skilled, and most knowledgeable in New England. They love what they do and look forward every day to sharing their enthusiasm for the local waters with you.

Welcome Aboard!

Matthew Reid

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