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Cruise Ship Guests

Tour Information for Cruise Ship Passengers

About Our Boat Tours

Our Portland, Maine boat tours stand out as the perfect choice for cruise ship passengers looking to make the most of their time ashore. Located just up the street from the cruise ship terminal our premier boat tour company offers a wide range of activities and experiences that cater to all interests and ages.

One of our highlights at New England Eco Adventures is our exceptional whale watching tours, which take passengers on a journey to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. The knowledgeable guides provide insightful commentary, enriching the experience and deepening passengers’ appreciation for marine life conservation. This tours are only three-hours long which leaves plenty of time in the day for other activities.

Aside from whale watching, we offer a variety of other activities, such as Lighthouse Tours, Scenic Adventures, and Oyster Farm Tours. These activities allow passengers to explore the beauty of Maine’s rugged coast and its diverse wildlife up close. With only 14-passengers on each tour, everyone gets a fron-row seat!

For cruise ship passengers, our tours provide a seamless and memorable experience. We are only a 10-minute walk from the terminal, making it easy for passengers to maximize their time onshore. Additionally, we make sure that all of our cruise ship guests make it back to their ship with plenty of time to spare. Our friendly and professional staff are dedicated to providing top-notch service, ensuring that every visitor feels welcome and well taken care of.

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How to Find Us from the Terminal

We’re located a short 10-minute walk down the waterfront from the Portland Ocean Terminal and a 15-minute walk from the Ocean Gateway Terminal. Down the Eastern Promenade Trail.

Tours begin at 1 Marina Way in Portland.  We meet at blue picnic tables with a ‘tours’ flag just outside of Fore Points Marina.

Cruise ship passengers should be aware that there are two locations where ships dock in Portland, Maine. One is the Portland Ocean Terminal, located at the Maine State Pier, where the ferries dock. The other location is the Ocean Gateway Terminal, located near the Visitors Center.

It can be a little confusing to distinguish between the two different terminals so please ask someone as you disembark to tell you which one you are at.