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Thrill Ride!

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 6-11


First-class seats. High-speed fun. Our Scenic Thrill Ride brings you the best of the New England coast in just one exhilarating hour!

Our 1 – Hour Thrill Ride can fast-forward your family through the best of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire in a small, select group.

Leave the crowds behind and lean into the wind. We’re going wave-riding on premium RIB boats, where every single seat will enjoy a dazzling 360-degree view of iconic lighthouses, remote rocky islands, and thriving sea life.

No other New Hampshire boat ride can pack this much pulse-pounding excitement into one hour and promise everyone a premium view!

Our experienced captains put our premium RIB boats into high gear and head for the most dramatic scenery and iconic lookouts. See New Hampshire beaches the way seabirds do—swiftly skimming along the waves and spray in comfort and safety, with nothing obstructing your view.

Environmentally responsible and completely exhilarating, our Scenic Thrill Ride goes faster and farther than other scenic boat tours—and we always go, first-class.

Our adrenaline-fueled, wind-whipped, sun-drenched, custom RIB bot runs across some of the most pristine waters in New England are enjoyable for all ages, 6 and up, making our Scenic  Adventure the ultimate family adventure charter.